Jake Wilund
The love you withhold is the pain that you carry.

Being shallow is only difficult in golf

Getting "scooby" has involved a lot of work, experimentation, and shots so fat it'll put the new Gatorade commercial to shame.
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Jake Wilund's "What's in the Bag" - 2022 Season

Jake Wilund's "What's in the Bag" - 2022 Season

I am absolutely, 100% certain I will make zero changes to my equipment setup in 2022..... You gotta admit, it's clean tho
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UFO over Martinsdale, Montana

UFO over Martinsdale, Montana

A repost of my original Medium story, published in August of 20220. In the nearly two years since this event, my journey has rapidly evolved. Welcome to a beginning (of sorts) reader. May it accelerate your own path towards discovery of the truth.
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