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On Cowards, Online Anonymity, and the Fear of God

On Cowards, Online Anonymity, and the Fear of God

By the time I ever share something publicly, I've often considered my thoughts long in advance. My positions and opinions (and their potential consequences) have been deeply considered and meditated on by the time I hit that "Post" button. That's not to say I never say anything off the cuff, but I don't wade into deep waters unwittingly. So when it comes to posting online, I've never once second-guessed doing it publicly, as my true and authentic self, using my own real name and my own real face as my profile picture (see my Gab profile that dates back to 2016, where I've used my real name and face since day one).

I've never held back my thoughts online. I post exactly what I believe, in the clearest and fullest way I can. Never once have I had any fear of retaliation for sharing those thoughts, even the most provocative ones, and the reason for my lack of fear is simple. And it's not as though I have nothing to lose (more on that later). But here's the secret:

I fear only God.

Read it again, and understand its weight and seriousness: I fear only God.

What are the consequences of this statement? I think it's important to call out, in this context, who God really is. Have you forgotten, Christian man? God is truth. Which means when you speak truth (and not your truth, such a thing never existed), you speak the Lord's quintessential essence.

So when you withhold truth, when you shy away from speaking its name, who then do you shy away from? The answer is self evident, if you only have the courage and humility to acknowledge it.

I'm writing this because I see a problem. I see a problem with Christians in this country, and it's a cowardice problem. All of the pseudonym using, frog profile picture posters: I'm talking to you. Why do you hide? You cheapen your words with your chosen anonymity. Not only that, you convey something far more egregious: your fear of the world stands before your fear of God.

I can already hear all of the angry, rage posts now:

  • Easy for you to say, you don't have a family to provide for. Some of us have people that depend on us.
  • This sounds like a fed post, this guy glows hard.
  • He just wants us to expose our identity to the government so we can rot in jail like the January 6'ers.
  • My arguments are just as valid if I make them anonymously or not.

My responses to all of those (and any others that could ever be made) is this:

No. You're not getting it. You're not listening to what I'm saying, and you're not contending with my argument. And the argument is simple:

When you refuse to speak the truth boldly, as your authentic self, you do so out of fear of the world. If only you feared God instead.

I don't care about your reasons. I care about what fear you place first in this life. Is it the fear of God, or fear of the world and of Satan?

This post is a call to action to Christian men in this country. You are being called to say and do something. Only you know what that something is. God has been knocking at the door of your heart, asking you to shed your apathy and fear, and to start proclaiming his name (read: truth) to the world no matter the cost.

You have insights, you have experience, and you have wisdom. Share it! And do it boldly, with courage, and as your authentic self. You have nothing to fear, for:

indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ.

Christ did not fear the world. He spoke the truth boldly and always. And he didn't do it through anonymous publishings. He did it at the steps of the temple, in the streets, and even on the cross.

That's what you're called to do. That's what we're all called to do. Your fear of retaliation should PALE in comparison to your fear of shying away from God's name, and from the truth that he has made self evident unto you.

In the spring of this year, I was fired from my job at a silicone valley tech company as a result of my posts on Gab (which I have never deleted or rescinded). I know full well our words online have consequences, and I know that losing my job my be only one of many consequences yet to befall me. But I will never stop speaking the truth publicly, and I will do it as my authentic self.

When you finally drop your ego, and understand that what I'm saying is true and just, I hope you'll join me. I'll embrace you and hale your courage, as a brother in Christ.

Christ is King, all glory to him always and forever.